March 2014 Newsletter

purple1March is here and so that means that Spring is near. Yay!  We are looking forward to the changes that Spring brings and daylight savings time. Don’t forget to spring forward on March 9th.  In the meantime, enjoy the rain.  Remember, wet ground is great weeding conditions.  Get out there and cut your maintenance time down by weeding with moist soil.

If you were confused by the North Park Main Street Newsletter, North Park Nursery is not moving. Mooch has relocated to North Park Way.  We are having a reception in partnership with North Park Main Street to show off Mooch’s new digs and celebrate our latest collaboration. It was originally set for March 5, but is has been postponed. Stay tuned for a date…

succMarch 15: Urban Craft Camp will be holding a Succulent Wreath Workshop at NPN. 9:30am – 11:30am Price: $75
Includes: Everything you need to create a gorgeous succulent wreath and light refreshments. Tickets are non refundable. Space is limited. Click the link to register  This workshop is presented by Urban Craft Camp.  We hear they are almost sold out so you may want to hurry and register.

treeMarch 22: We will have a FREE seminar presented by arborist, Kurt Peacock. He will discuss fruit trees and planting trees in our North Park limited-space-backyards, as well as, fruit trees and how long they can be kept in containers. He will touch on espalier, soil amendments and watering. Please RSVP as we have limited space.

If you missed our last veggie workshop here are some tips:

veggiesIf you are a beginner gardener, herbs is a great place to practice your green thumb.  You can companion plant in a container.  At an investment of about $4 each, if you aren’t successful it’s not too bad of a loss.  However, we’re confident you will be successful.  Share your recipes with and photos with us  We would love to share in your success.  Good luck!

Easiest Vegetables to Grow

Lettuce:  Grows quickly and you can harvest the outside leaves while growing.  Best in cooler temps and can tolerate shade.
Green Beans:  Nothing bothers them; will mature mid-summer.
Basil: Grows quickly & easily.  Harvesting (pinching off ends) actually promotes more growth.
Green Onions: Plant sets or transplants.  Can tolerate cool weather but will continue to grow during warm temps.
Tomatoes: Greater success with grape or cherry varieties. Don’t over fertilize. Won’t tolerate cold temps.
Cucumbers: Relatively easy to grow but need space.  Let them sprawl or trellis them.  Like full sun but shade on roots.
Zucchini or Summer Squash: Grows like a weed;  Snap (Snow) Peas and Beets are also easy to grow.

The below list should not be planted together:
Asparagus and Onion
Beet and Beans (pole)
Beans (bush) and Onion
Bean (pole) and Beet, Cabbage, Onion, Tomatoes
Cabbage and Bean (pole), Tomatoes

Spring has almost sprung so get out and garden! Be sure to stop by for any supplies and check out our spring shipments. We have lots of veggies, pansies, and color to brighten up your outdoor space. We usually have a variety of new orders in every two weeks.




See you soon!

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