Evergreen Vines for San Diego

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And today, we’re going to look at another common request. Our customers frequently ask us for a vine that is drought-tolerant, fast-growing, evergreen, blooming, fragrant and either likes full sun or deep shade! Below, we’ve broken up our suggestions into those that will work in either of these scenarios, and gone on to describe each of our favorites a little bit further.

Blooming evergreen vines for sun in San Diego

  1. Lady Banks’ Rose, Rosa banksiae This beautiful climbing rose has miniature double blooms in pale yellow or white. It is thornless, evergreen and tough as nails. Needs very little water, tolerates poor clay soil and thrives in the heat!
  2. Crossvine, Bignonia capreolata This vine actually tolerates full sun to full shade, but will flower more productively the more sun it gets. Likes to be a bit more moist than some of the other vines on this list. Rapidly growing and fragrant, this woody vine features blooms from red to orange to pink to yellow.
  3. Honeysuckle, Lonicera halliana – Grown in medium to average, moist to semi-dry soil in full sun to part shade. Rapidly growing with fragrant flowers in pink to orange to yellow. Attractive to wildlife and deer-resistant.
  4. Pink Jasmine, Jasminum polyanthum – A popular vine, it is coveted for its incredibly dense, very fragrant white star-shaped flowers. Flowers best in full sun but requires a moderate amount of water.
  5. Vine Lilac, Hardenbergia violacea – A great, stout vine that prefers heavy soil and requires very little water. Climbs by vining tendrils and features cascading purple blooms that look like miniature wisteria.
  6. Passion Vine, Passiflora edulis – Many homeowners like this vine for its edible aspects. Produces edible fruit and large, showy flowers. Very attractive to wildlife but can be temperamental. Likes regular water, full sun and does not like to have its roots disturbed.

Blooming evergreen vines for shade in San Diego

  1. Carolina Jessamine, Gelsemium sempervirensEvergreen in the warm climate of San Diego,  this vine tolerates sun and shade and produces early in spring a flush of bright yellow, fragrant flowers.
  2. Evergreen Clematis, Clematis armandii One of the best, most dense, evergreen vines for shade. Long, lanceolate leaves and fragrant white flowers early in spring.
  3. Dutchman’s Pipe, Aristolochia gigantea Tolerant of both sun and shade. a very dense, herbaceous vine with heart-shaped leaves and large, strange, organ-shaped flowers with a lemon scent. Fast growing and quickly covers hardscape. Needs moderate water.
  4. Climbing Hydrangea, Hydrangea petiolaris – A climbing shrub rather than vine, this will require some support. Dense, shrubby habit with classic white hydrangea flowers. Thrives and blooms well in shade but requires regular water.
  5. Purple Wings, Dalechampia dioscoreifolia – Herbaceous vine climbs via tendrils. Heart-shaped and lobed leaves. Unique, interesting bright purple flowers. Tolerant of shade and sun.
  6. Firecracker Vine, Manettia inflata – A vigorous and densely covered vine with small, bright orange and yellow flowers that resemble candy corn. Does well both outdoors and also indoors or in a hanging basket.


See something that might work for you? Have more questions? Stop by or give us a call now and let us help you on your next outdoor project!

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