Evergreen Shade Trees for San Diego

Evergreen Shade Trees for San Diego

In addition to which screening plants are best for San Diego, our staff is often asked about evergreen shade trees. It seems that everyone wants an evergreen, fast-growing, drought-tolerant tree that thrives in full sun. While this combination of characteristics does somewhat represent a magic bullet in the tree world, there are a number of specimens that meet all the criteria and consistently perform well in Southern California.

Where to buy San Diego shade tree African Tulip tree Spathodea campanulata

Common Name: African Tulip Tree
Scientific Name: Spathodea campanulata
Height: 25 to 40
Sun: Full sun
Water: Moderate
Description: A tropical evergreen tree, the African tulip tree is one of the only evergreen trees both large and dense enough to provide shade and also offer a stunning show of bright orange-red blooms in fall. Not as drought tolerant as some other trees on this list.

Where to buy San Diego shade tree Brisban box Tristania Lophostemon conferta

Common Name: Brisbane Box
Scientific Name: Tristania confertus, syn. Lophostemon confertus
Height: 40 to 60 ft
Sun: Full sun
Water: Low
Description: This Australian native offers moderate to fast growth with a dense, glossy-green, symmetrical rounded canopy of classic lance-shaped leaves. Beautiful red bark peels to reveal grey beneath. Very tough, drought-tolerant tree perfect for those wanting quick shade without needing showy flowers.

Where to buy San Diego shade tree Chinese Elm Ulmus parvifolia

Common Name: Chinese Evergreen Elm
Scientific Name: Ulmus parvifolia
Height: 40 to 50 ft
Sun: Part shade to full sun
Water: Low
Description: This striking and under-utilized tree has a beautiful spreading to vase-shaped canopy of flickering leather leaves that move in the wind. One of the most stunning traits of the Chinese evergreen elm is the stunning mottled bark that looks like a puzzle of red, orange, grey and cream. Very drought tolerant and the only tree on this list that will perform well in part shade.

Where to buy San Diego shade tree Dalbergia sissoo Indian rosewood

Common Name: Indian Rosewood
Scientific Name: Dalbergia sissoo
Height: 40 to 60 ft
Sun: Full sun
Water: Low
Description: An incredibly fast-growing tree, it is used internationally to produce lumber and fuel. Pest-resistant and tolerant of a wide range of conditions. Scarred grey bark and pendulous, spade-shaped leaves with inconspicuous flowers.

Where to buy San Diego shade tree Gold medallion Cassia leptophylla

Common Name: Gold Medallion Tree
Scientific Name: Cassia leptophylla
Height: 20 to 25 ft
Sun: Full sun
Water: Low
Description: The smallest tree on this list, it is one of the few that displays showy, allover yellow blooms in summer. A good choice for smaller areas or as a specimen. Considered “semi-evergreen,” the gold medallion tree may shed some of its foliage during particularly cold winters.

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