Annual Plantings All Season Long!

Here in Southern California, we have such a mild climate that many plants that are tender and die back in other climates will overwinter or bloom for extended periods here. Still, many plants look best during their peak season, and homeowners struggle to remember which plants are in bloom at which time. Switching out annuals in beds and containers throughout the year can keep things interesting in the garden and provide an outlet for the  homeowner’s creativity.

Spring Summer and Fall Annuals for Containers in San Diego

Above is a simple infographic illustrating some of the more common annuals in bloom during spring, summer and fall. Each of these varieties is available in an assortment of colors to suit any need or desire. As one begins to fade, replace with other plants that are looking their best. Many of these varieties including pansies, petunias and verbena will be in bloom for the majority of the warm season, from early spring well into fall.

Spring Summer and Fall Annuals for Containers in San Diego

In addition to the classic blooming annuals, keep in mind that your palette can include plants with colorful foliage, ornamental grasses and edibles, too! These selections offer great benefits to a mixed container or bed, including the ability to add height and movement (grasses) and also brightly colored foliage that will look good from one season to the next, without blooms that will fade or droop.

Combine these different plants to create different arrangements throughout the year. The sky is the limit! Use red, white and blue-colored flowers to create a patriotic planter in July, and orange mums, ornamental kale and dark purple pepper in fall. You can even incorporate props like flags or pumpkins! The designs below might help inspire you and show how the various kinds of plants can be combined:

Spring Summer and Fall Annuals for Containers in San Diego

1. Pennisetum ‘Fireworks’
2. Ipomea ‘Blackbird’
3. Calibrachoa ‘Hula Hot Pink’

4. Ornamental millet ‘Purple Baron’
5. Carex testacea
6. Crysanthemums

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