Pumpkin Succulent Centerpiece

Pumpkin Succulent Centerpiece

Ever wondered if there’s a craft you can do with those sale pumpkins post-Halloween? Here at North Park Nursery, we have some ideas. Our favorite is using a pumpkin as a beautiful centerpiece for our Thanksgiving dinners! With just a few supplies, we created gorgeous (sustainable!) pumpkin-succulent arrangements.

Here’s what you need to make your own:

1 pumpkin (we have them at NPN for 75% off right now!)

Spray adhesive – we used Krylon high strength spray adhesive

Tacky glue

Moss (we used Spanish moss, but you can use green moss or lichen moss)

One 5″ succulent plant

3-4 2″ succulent plants

Supplies you'll need.

Now let’s make that centerpiece!

1. Once you have assembled your materials, apply spray adhesive to the top of your pumpkin. Do not cut open the pumpkin! Pumpkins are storage gourds–as soon as you cut into it, it will start to decompose.


2. Place your moss on top of the spray adhesive–press down the moss. Your pumpkin will look like a chia pet. Spray down any loose ends.


3. Remove your succulents from their pots–remove any excess leaves on the base of the succulent. Get right down to the root! Succulents can basically survive anything.


4. Dip the root of the succulent into tacky glue. Do not use hot glue. Succulents can actually root through tacky glue, unlike hot glue, which is too hard for plant’s roots to break through.


5. Arrange your succulents any way you’d like!

6. Proudly display the arrangement in your home.

Fun fact: The succulents you use for this display can be planted once your pumpkin has gotten a little mushy–this centerpiece should last through January, depending on your pumpkin. You can remove the succulents–which will have rooted in the moss by then–and either place them in a pot with soil or directly on the ground! A sustainable alternative to arranged flowers.

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We are a locally owned and operated retail nursery and garden center based in North Park, San Diego.

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