Will you buy or consign plants or other products from me?

The short answer is no. We do not accept any plants or products on consignment. In regards to buying plants or products outright, we must require that you hold either a valid license to sell nursery stock in the state of California to sell plants, or a valid seller’s permit to sell other products. Even then, keep in mind that our space is extremely limited and we have to be highly selective about the items we carry. If you meet these requirements and still think your product is a must-have item, please contact our manager to schedule a time to meet, and either bring or send pictures of the items unless otherwise instructed.

Do you want these garden supplies, plants or pots that I am going to throw out?

If you are moving or otherwise do not need your garden supplies, plants or pots, we can sometimes use them. Please call in advance to ask if we can accept a donation. We have a “free plant” barrel at our nursery that you are welcome to leave your unwanted plants in – they always find good homes in just a few days. If you have black plastic flats or pots that you want to get rid of, we will be happy to recycle them for you.

Can I grow this plant in a pot? For how long?

Good news! With the proper care, any plant can be grown in any size pot for its entire life! This is the principal behind the art of bonsai – even giant redwoods can be maintained for their entire lifespan in a pot no bigger than the palm of your hand. Of course, certain plants will take better to container culture, while others, like bonsai, require much more care and attention. Ask one of our staff how to select an appropriate specimen for your container needs and to show you how best to care for it.