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At North Park Nursery, we pride ourselves on carrying only the highest quality products, all sourced from right here in California. Our products are all natural, organic, sustainable and often even recycled! Listed below are some of our best sellers. If you don’t see the product you’re looking for, please give us a call. If it’s not on hand, we will be happy to order it for you!

Organic and natural potting soil from Gardner and Bloome available in San Diego


We are proud to carry Kellogg’s Gardner & Bloome line of organic soils, amendments and fertilizers, a United States-made product produced in Carson, CA.



Organic pesticide and natural insecticide for pest control available in San DiegoPesticides & Herbicides

Keep pests and weeds of all varieties out of your garden with our selection of Safer and Whitney Farms brand pesticides and herbicides. Made from all-natural, organic ingredients like iron, cinnamon oil, neem and pyrethrins, you can rest assured that only the bad guys will be banished, leaving beneficial bugs unharmed and your garden safe for children and pets, eating and playing!Gardening tools and supplies available in San Diego



Garden Tools

Every gardener ought to be armed with an arsenal of high quality tools, which is why we carry only the best equipment, including Bond and Corona brand equipment like pruners, loppers, shovels and hoes as well as gloves for men, women and children, hoses, watering cans and more!

Ecopots recyclable and compostable earth friendly pots made from rice hulls by EcoForms available in San Diego

Pots & Planters

Space is often at a premium in the city, so we have a selection of gorgeous pots in finishes from ceramic to terra cotta to biodegradable EcoPots that can be used to grow everything from herbs to fruit trees. Blessed with a bigger yard? Let us help you choose the perfect piece to make a statement in your garden!


  1. Evie - May 9, 2014

    Would you let me know if you carry pot plants (already germinated):

    1. kentucky mint
    2. basil
    3. thyme
    4. oregano
    5. rosemary


    • NorthParkNursery - May 10, 2014

      Hi! We do not have Kentucky mint. We have Orange Mint, apple and Mojito. We have sweet basil, lime and a large leaf napoletano. We have coconut thyme, orange and lemon. We have Italian oregano. Sorry we are out of rosemary. Hope to see you soon!

  2. Jessics - May 3, 2015

    Hi I’m wondering if you sell seeds? Sunflowers and nasturtiums?

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